Sunday 29 June 2008


......George, his dog, & others.... a watch washed up on the beach, stopped at 12.05....what happened at 12.05 I wonder?

Thursday 26 June 2008


....just like today! Just arrived back home from my ( almost) daily walk with my friend Robin down to Hastings Pt via the cycle track & return via the beach. It's a BRILLIANT day, warm-ish & calm, & Robin & I picked 3, yes THREE, top pieces of beach glass, 2 clear/frosted & the other GREEN!! No daggy beer bottle beach glass like my photo above!

Dolphins surfing in the waves, having the time of their lives, AND THEN....

...out to sea, leaping out of the water, humpback whales, on their annual winter migration north,from Antarctica to the Coral Sea, where the females give birth. We walked up to the headland ,lay back on the grass in the sun & watched 3 different pods of whales for about 45 minutes.

Yep, some days are diamonds!

Wednesday 25 June 2008


W is for.............................

Whisper the Wonder Cat was adopted from the RSPCA four years ago, at 10 weeks of age. Her name then was Ariel but she loudly complained that , really, her name was Whisper, so that's what she became.

Like most cats, she loves boxes......

...and like other living creatures, she does naughty things when she doesn't get her own way!

Her second best friend is Casper Domingo who decided he wanted to live with us 3 years ago. Together, they get up to all kinds of shenanigans, like fighting over shelves in the linen cupboard!

But , in the end, there's nothing they like better than curling up together on the best seat in the house!

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Tuesday 24 June 2008


I reckon life's a balancing act.....try & maintain a bit of equilibrium....tread the path that brings the greatest rewards, whatever they may be!

For me, the great reward of the balancing act, above, was reaching the other side of Lawn Hill Creek dry. Hmmm...Lawn Hill National Park , now known as Boodjamulla NP, could be my next 'favourite places' post...out-of-this-world amazing!

Wednesday 18 June 2008


V is for...............................

My gorgeous zippy pocket-rocket VW Polo is what's referred to, here in Oz, a Euro-diesel. It's a whole new generation of high-tech. diesel vehicles that are classy and SO-O much fun to drive. They run on the smell of an oily rag and ooze that special VW vibe! Just a shame that diesel prices here have spiralled more out of control than unleaded, and nobody except diesel drivers seems to care a fig!

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Sunday 15 June 2008


In July,1916, Australian soldiers fought a pointless bloodbath of a battle alongside British soldiers, near the small French village of Fromelles. In a 24-hour period, Australia lost over 5000 soldiers killed, wounded or missing. The Australian War Memorial in Canberra calls it "the worst 24 hours in Australia's entire history." Many of those missing, presumed dead, have no known grave.

Last year, a geophysical survey revealed the location of what was believed to be one of the mass graves supposedly dug by German soldiers for the burial of unknown Australian and British soldiers killed at Fromelles.

In May and June of this year, an extensive archaeological dig positively identified the remains as those of some of these soldiers. This week a official ceremony was conducted at the site after the pit had been resealed. The owner of the land has generously donated the site to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

The governments of France, Australia and Britain have to decide now whether to exhume and attempt to identify each of the bodies in this pit, and then provide individual graves for each soldier at the site, or to leave the bodies as they are and provide a memorial.

Saturday 14 June 2008


We've had quite a lot of heavy dews over the past week or so, and early morning is always a wonderful time to be out with a camera. Unfortunately,my camera doesn't really cope too well with ultra close-ups. You can see the 'velvety' covering of dew on the grass in the next picture,

and this was the best I could do, and maintain focus.

Thursday 12 June 2008


Ok!Ok! Time to bite the bullet...this Sunday I am taking a spot at a local car boot sale/market day and will make my first public attempt to sell some jewellery and mail art. Spent today pricing new work and cutting prices on pieces from last year, which proved to be quite a difficult thing to do. Obviously I want to sell my work, but I don't want to undercharge either, because that devalues it.

Wednesday 11 June 2008


U is for...................


Ultramarine is the blue colour pigment obtained from ground-down lapis lazuli and has been a valued rock and pigment for thousands of years. Traditionally, lapis comes from Afganistan, but it is also found in Egypt and Chile, and, in smaller quantities, in parts of the former USSR & Asia. Its primary metaphysical property is as a bringer of peace.

Genuine lapis is very expensive, and as I only have lapis chips, my photo below is not wonderful. However, it gives you an idea of the ultramarine pigment, which is classified as a 'warm blue'. In painting, it is often used to symbolise royalty.

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Monday 9 June 2008


Having only come to the music of kd lang in the last couple of years, I am still very much in her thrall, and there is so much of her past recordings still for me to discover.

"Watershed" is her recently-released seems very personal, with her songs of love, both good love and bad, feeling to me to come from her own experiences. As a listener, I feel quite privileged that she is telling me these stories from her life.

It's music to really listen to, in quiet moments, not 'something playing in the background'.

If you go to YouTube, you'll be able to watch and listen to a trailer about "Watershed."

Friday 6 June 2008


It's the Queen's Birthday Long Weekend in Australia this weekend which is such an anachronism, considering her real birthday is in April and probably a majority of Australians are keen for our country to become a republic.

However, everybody loves a long weekend and round here most roads lead to Caba this weekend. The Greenback is not a display of an ailing foreign currency but a beach fishing competition, where most of the fish caught are Greenback Tailor. All fish caught are auctioned for charity, but the feeling is that catches should be weighed, then thrown back.

The V8 Superboats race at a specially constructed inland venue at Round Mountain, just down the road, where they also race jetboats.

BUT, if all this sounds like too much excitement for one weekend, you could head down to Ballina instead, where you can fish in less crowded environs and putt about at leisure in your tinny on the Richmond River.

Wednesday 4 June 2008


T IS FOR......

The year I lived in London, my friend and I were lucky enough to get tickets for the Men's Final at Wimbledon. It was the year Boris Becker , as an 18 year-old I think, won his first title.

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Monday 2 June 2008


Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu is a Gumatj man from Arnhem Land, in the Northern Territory. Blind since birth, he has the voice of an angel, and writes and sings incredibly moving songs about his country. He was once a member of Yothu Yindi and now fronts his own band, the Saltwater Band.

On his record,"Gurrumul", he sings his stories accompanying himself on his guitar.

If you click here, you can hear Geoffrey, and here, you can listen to the Saltwater Band.

For a true blast from the past, listen to Yothu Yindi sing Treaty while watching a former Australian Prime Minister make himself look like a goose!

Sunday 1 June 2008


These signs are on the side of the road as your drive west out of our little village. When I first moved here 12 years ago, most weeks you would see a koala wandering around on the roadside, as there is what is called a koala corridor in the bush west of the Tweed coast. However, since the construction of a new section of Pacific Highway west of the koala corridor, about four years ago, I have only seen one koala. This is what we all feared.....their disappearance.