Sunday, 6 April 2008

MARCH MOVIE....errr, running late!

Yes,yes...I know. No need to remind me. Computer /internet problems haven't help either.

The important thing is that I did get to the cinema in March, to see the documentary "In The Shadow Of The Moon". As an Apollo 11 tragic, I was so keen to see it before it disappeared to the small screen where most of the impact of the glorious images would be lost.

What came across so clearly was how normal the Apollo astronauts are. They just seemed like Everyone's Grandpa, just with super-intelligence! Neil Armstrong doesn't give interviews but most of the other astronauts from the Apollo programme spoke candidly about their experiences. What I'd forgotten was that there were 6 ....yes, SIX ....manned missions to the Moon between Apollo 11 in July 1969 and Apollo 17, in December 1972, though Apollo 13 was aborted prior to the lunar landing.