Saturday, 31 March 2007

Saturday's daily photo

Here's today's photo.........

Friday, 30 March 2007

Daily Photo

Two days ago, I stumbled on the blog of someone living in Arncliffe, the Sydney suburb I grew up in. It was amazing to look at her collection of photos of the suburb now...I was surprised by the memories that were dredged up. Her blog is part of a world-wide network of blogs, called Daily Photo, and I am thinking I might join in. You have to commit to posting one photo a day, and that's it. Before committing to it, I thought I'd give it a trial run here to see how fair-dinkum I am about this. It also gets you thinking just how many 'interesting" things there are to photograph in our sleepy little Tweed coast village...but then, it doesn't have to be anything gob-smackingly major or important or picturesque. So... my first Daily Cabarita Beach/Bogangar Photo. It's one of the beach access tracks, to the Cove beach.

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Current...errr....not so current ....viewing.

When was the last time you saw a movie that stayed in your thoughts beyond the time it took to get back to your car? It dismays me how often that can happen. Last week I went to see "Bobby", a film set in 1968, in the Ambassador Hotel ,in Los Angeles, on the day Robert Kennedy was assassinated in the hotel. Actually, I think it was 2 weeks ago when I saw it, but there you have it...I am still thinking about the movie and talking to others about it. The most powerful aspect of the movie, for me, was the intensity of RFK's words, and the depth of grief those words provoked. Grief not only for the lose of the 2 young idealistic Kennedy boys, killed way too young, but grief at what we perhaps have missed out on, or lost, because of that. I can't help but wonder how much different ( better??) the US and the world may have been if either of them had lived long enough to have had a greater influence on US and world policy. With that sense of grief came the awful realisation that US administrations, since 1968, have achieved very little, and the main concerns then, such as poverty, racial issues AND interferring in another country's woes, have fundamentally changed not at all, except that in 1968, it was withdrawl from Vietnam. Oh, yes, ......"Bobby" has a damn fine, nostalgic soundtrack.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Current Work

Currently , I'm working on a set of 12 ATCs for a swap on a favourite flower, quite a daunting prospect really. Even though the 'canvas' might only be 8.9 cm X 6.4 cm, a lot of work goes into that small space, and in fact I've found it challenging to reduce the scale of my work so that it fits comfortably. Each ATC doesn't have to be identical, and mine never are, though they are pretty similar. Choosing the media to use is an interesting process too...this time I'm using watercolours, but some are done with watercolour paints, others, watercolour pencils or watercolour pastels, or a combination of them. Each one is a miniature painting of Eucalyptus miniata, the Darwin Woollybutt that I saw growing around the Tjaynera campsite in Litchfield NP, Northern Territory, in 2003. Actually getting the background right has been the needs to contribute to the picture, but not dominate.

Happy Tuesday

One of the Yahoo groups I belong to is ATCoZ. The group is pretty much member-directed, and there are always loads of swaps on the go at any one time, on a whole variety of themes or ideas. Just recently, I've participated in swaps on themes of favourite colour, starfish, love, my first name and kittycats. Above you can see my ATCs from some of those swaps

Monday, 26 March 2007


I've been thinking about doing this for so long, had my head full of so much inspirational writing,opinions,thoughts,comments....BUT....faced now with the Blank Page Bogeyperson! This is all part of a new resolve to reveal a bit more of myself, to continue to dismantle the protective shield that's been in place for longer than I'd even care to think about, to try and allow people to get to know the real me, to continue to build on the joys of creative expression.............. WITH NO RULES!!

So-o, tell me what you think, hey?