Wednesday, 28 May 2008


This beautiful wattle tree in my front yard rated a mention last year as well, but I was surprised to find that it is beginning to burst into flower. It doesn't normally flower until late June, but after experiencing very little summer this year , an early autumn and already many days and nights of what passes for "winter" here, it's very much ahead of itself.

It's called Acacia Macradenia or Zig-zag Wattle, as it has zig-zagging branches and it's perfume is absolutely heavenly! Many people are allergic to wattle pollen unfortunately.


MmeBenaut said...

We have lots of these but ours aren't flowering yet. Lovely photo CabaC.

Helen said...

Aren't you lucky, as I don't think most wattles have much of a perfume, they usually just look beautiful.
We had a big electrical storm here again in Sydney in the early hours of this morning and lots of lovely rain with it.

Neva said...

our lilacs are just busting out and they smell wonderful! but also cause many to sneeze so I can relate to the zig zag wattle! It's a nice flower.

Perry Hoffman said...

Any info on your wattle appreciated.I am in California and I have one that is 4 feet tall. How long do they take to grow? Whne will I get flowers? Thanks for your time. Best Perry