Friday, 4 July 2008


This is what a brain explosion looks like!!!!!!!!

The kind that happens when you've laboured to connect cords, cables etc of an electronic gadget of sorts , & when you turn the bloody thing on...there is zip, zilch, zero!

My mum gave me her keyboard as she doesn't play any more. I 've never really played, but proper lessons have been enthusiastically arranged.

When I originally set it up, I connected everything, & BINGO...sweet tones.

My first piano lesson was yesterday, & of course, raced home from it, mad for more practice. But when I turned the bloody thing on, yep, that's, zero, zilch....not a peep! Have connected/reconnected it twenty-twelve times, power on/off & through the Troubleshooting points a similar number of times, but STILL NOTHING!!

Tapping away on silent keys doesn't really do it for me!


Sally said...

Thanks for visiting me while I was away. I’m back now after a lot of adventures, 1000+ photos and the dreaded feeling of “back to real life” . Time to get back out ‘n’ about in Sydney now…and catch up with ATC making!

MmeBenaut said...

Oh how incredibly disappointing! I do hope you manage to fix it soon CabaC.

GMG said...

Hi CabaCurl! Did you try the Microsoft solution? OK, never works... ;))
Xanthorrhea? What a name... ;)
Great shot on the Circus Life!!
Thanks for your comment on Blogtrotter, now on its last post on Santiago de Compostela! Wish you a wonderful weekend!

D. Scott Miller said...

Greetings, I will be in AUS for WYD... so, first, let me apologize for the crowd of kids taking over traffic, trains, and sidewalks. Most are really good kids who are just there to be all together.

I will be in Manley for two mornings as part of the program. The woman I am dating make jewelry out of beach glass - - where from beach or stores might I obtain some AUS beach glass.

Sorry for the use of comments, but I could not find an email address.


Julie said...

What you need to do, Jude, is to rent a 16 yo lad. Not progeny - they too readily flip to smug-mode.

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