Sunday, 17 August 2008

2008 Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Art Award

The winner of this year's award is Makinti Napananka, a Pintupi woman from the tiny western desert community of Kintore in the Northern Territory. Kintore is one of the communities in the Papunya Tula Art Movement.

Although Mikinti is probably in her late 70s, she has only been painting for about 12 years.

Her untitled picture depicts a rockhole near Kintore.


Neva said...

Wow....what a nice shot and an interesting painting....

MmeBenaut said...

I'm sure she is deserving CabaC but some of the other paintings in the competition that I saw were incredible. I don't like this style but it is very hard to criticise this woman in any way at all. She deserves a medal just for giving it a go.

I love the broad selection of your posts btw. Always something new and interesting to learn!