Saturday 23 August 2008


It's been ages since I've put up any of the jewellery I've been making, so thought it was about time.

The charm bracelet above I actually made for myself. It uses little mille fiore beads & Swarovski crystals which have been attached by wire-wrapping. I love's really colourful & musical as the charms ting into each other.

Bracelets seem to have been on my list recently. Above are some made from Swarovski crystals & either Japanese or Czech seed beads. The sea-green bracelet below is made from resin beads & the other one from semi-precious stones....hmm,maybe carnelian?

Lastly, two necklaces .The first one uses pearl shell, agate, Czech glass & brass. The second one is made from clear quartz chips & nuggets.


Julie said...

Ooh yes, I like the pearl shell one!

I could not find you on the Skywatch list so thought I would come here directly. You did not participate a second time. Not your sort of meme?

Julie said...

Yes, I can understand your comment on SWF. It is, indeed, very time-consuming and many of the postings are self-indulgent. When a Meme gets close to 400 entries I suppose that is to be expected. What I found myself doing yesterday was just going to those sites that I had knowledge of and tossing just a couple more in. I try to get to about 100 sites each Friday and leave a thoughtful comment. However, this is not sustainable for much longer. I have been looking for another Meme but dont want to be restricted to something like "flowers". That was the attraction SWF - I used the sky as a stage and went from there.

I might go over to Mrs Nesbitt later today and have a look at this week's entries. With just a letter of an alphabet as a guide, I could also be my own creator.

Shirley and I are going to see "Edge of Love" tomorrow which is all about Dylan Thomas and his wife, Caitlin. My daughter, Kirsten, and I saw "Stop Loss" during the week which is about the effect of the Iraqi war on American soldiers who are sent back again and again because the war demands more fodder. A quality film but maybe a bit too violent for me. The fact that every second word was the F word did not help either!

Take care ...

Nathalie H.D. said...

The last one is my favourite.

I hadn't visited your blog in a little while and how I enjoyed catching up!

Your photo of Caitlyn is a little gem.

Your story mentioning Mindil beach markets in Darwin revived great memories.

I really enjoyed your post about the Aboriginal Art award and....

geeez, that photo of Snapper Rocks!!! It looks like a painting !
It is truly exceptional.

Keep up the good work!

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Love your jewellery!! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

My favourite is the pearl shell necklace, it's just gorgeous!

Roxanne said...

cabacurl, you're incredibly talented!! do you sell these online?? I love them :)

MmeBenaut said...

My favourites are the bracelet and the shell necklace. You are so clever, CabaC. I know I've said that before but seriously, you are!!