Monday 25 August 2008


It's been a bit remiss of me not displaying the ATCs I've received in the StampHappy 1-4-1 swap that is currently running. Time to put things to rights. Hope you enjoy looking at the art made by others in the StampHappy group. These Artist Trading Cards are all 6.4cm X 8.9cm.

Opening the show, above, is an ATC by Carolyn Weiss. Those below are by Dorothy Leach & Danielle D'Onofrio.

The next three are by Roz Veevers, Barb Dare & Lynn Gosney.

Below are ATCs by Melanie Smith, Julie Price & Kaeren Sutherland.

The next three are by Janet Hamblin, Vikki Whittington & Linda Aldred, who's organised the on-going swap.

The final three are by Dorothy Leach, Diane Whatford & Dorothy again.

Thank you everyone for playing with me, & looking forward to more swaps.


Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

You have received some lovely ATC's. Reminds me, I need to photograph the ones I have received to, and upload them!

Sally said...

Fabulous collection. I feel I need to get out from behind the comouter and do some more making. Mind you, I am really enjoying making my swimming and other blogs!