Friday, 18 May 2007

Daily Photos-Arncliffe

This beautiful statue was a feature of a lovely old Victorian home I discovered in Farrar St, Arncliffe, a southern Sydney suburb. I grew up in Arncliffe between the early-1950s and the early 1970s, when I moved to Wollongong, and my parents moved to the nearby suburb of Bexley.

It appears that quite a few of us Baby-Boomers have rather idealised, Arcadian memories of the freedoms we enjoyed as children, that are often not available to many city-dwelling children today for a whole variety of reasons and excuses. My childhood memories are no different....building cubby-houses in the bush or at the old quarry, playing cricket or tennis out on the road and managing to dodge any traffic, walking to and from the local park independently to play with whoever turned up, and being told to be home when the street lights came on...taking risks, pushing boundaries, learning independence, getting into, and out of, trouble and fracturing limbs.

From reading Sally's blogs ( I still haven't been able to do html links....her blogs are ''Sydney Nearly Daily Photo" in my 'Checking Daily' list and " Sally's Arncliffe/Turrella Blog" in my 'Clicking On" list, both down the RHS-----> ), I have developed an interest in the history of the suburb. It then naturally followed that when I spent 2 weeks in Sydney recently, Arncliffe called me back. Over the next week or so, I'll share some photos of that journey with you.


Helen said...

I hope you own this lovely statue now. You are somebody who has so much beauty in your life and it's great that you are aware of it unlike people who are surrounded by it but don't even notice.

Sally said...

That's beaurtiful. Farrer St eh! Better take myself on a walk there.

Now, I am very exercised at the thoguht that you were 250m away and I didn't invite you in for a cuppa!!! So NEXT TIME, eh!!!