Saturday, 19 May 2007

London Plane Trees

For as long as I can remember, I have adored London Plane trees. This avenue of grand London Planes, at Arncliffe Park, in Sydney, is one of my most vivid memories of living in Arncliffe, and it was such a joy to find them still looking so splendidly majestic.
The child still bubbling in me delights in kicking up the fallen leaves lying beneath the shedding autumn branches, while the adult that lurks beneath the surface engages in a meditation of watching a solitary leaf , silently float, downwards.


Helen said...

We have some London Plane trees lining one of the streets where I walk every day. Until now I've never known what kind of trees they were. During autumn I love walking through the carpet of large, brown leaves on the ground beneath the trees, feeling them crunch beneath my feet.

Sally said...

Bugger - I thought they were oaks. Originally Arncliffe park had an avenue of oaks, or so I read.

Whatever, they're certainly beautiful. Absolutely stark and leafless now, but it won't be long before I walk past one moring and see the faint green tint of spring....then next time I remember to look up they will be in full leaf again!

There is now a new pedestrian crossing on Wollongong Rd - only went in a couple of weeks ago, at the Kembla St end of the park. So now I don't have to cross at the shops near Mitchell St but can continue down ont he park side on the mornign walk to the station. In summer that means shade!