Sunday, 28 October 2007


My favourite radio station is ABC Classic FM, part of the public broadcasting network here in Australia. Every year, for the past four years, they have invited listeners to vote for their favourite pieces of music. In previous years, the station has compiled The Classic 100, The Classic Piano 100, The Classic Opera 100 and The Classic Mozart 100.

This year it's the turn of the Classic Concerto 100.

As I type, we're currently listening to number 66, so perhaps, if you choose to click on the Classic Concerto 100 link, you'll get an update on the countdown. Also, you can listen online here.

My vote, after in-depth consideration, was for the Beethoven Violin, but I expect other favourites to be in the top 10. These include the Mendelssohn Violin, Rachmaninov's 3rd Piano , Mozart's 27th Piano and Bach's Brandenburg 3. It goes without saying the whole world loves Mozart's Clarinet Concerto, but as it has topped 2 of the previous charts, there has probably been a bit of sabotage going on, methinks!


Mme Benaut said...

Oh CabaC - you are a whiz! I don't understand classical music very well yet but I intend to learn very soon. I've bought the Reader's Digest book and CD's and I'm going to listen to it ... soon!
I do love Rodrigo's "Concerto d'Arranguez". Very uplifting.

CaBaCuRl said...

HOw lovely to hear from you Mme Benaut, I have replied to you on M B's blog also. I hope you enjoy finding out about classical is so rewarding I think in lots of ways.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hello there CabaC
I was just going to pop over and say thankyou for the visit and taking the time to comment, which I am doing now... but I was instantly attracted to what I saw and read. You have a very nice comfortable and friendly place here and I will be back for more.

I will like back to here from Wiggers World if you don't mind

M.Benaut said...

Howdy C.
I have really enjoyed your post today and used the link to get the Classic fm stream on the computer.
Thank you for the tips and all the info.
Coincidentally, I have done a little Johann Strauss number today, instead of boy-stuff. (Not the Dalai Lama !!) - knowing how you love classical music.
I can't remember how I knew that, but there you go.