Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Woodford Folk Festival

Woodford Folk Festival is held over 6 days every year, starting on 27th December, in a beautiful valley in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, in Queensland. For years, I've been saying.."...I really MUST get to Woodford one year!!!". And this year....BINGO!!!

Now the historical truth of it is that it is either bucketting with rain or baking hot, and seldom anything in between....and so it proved to be in 07/08. But the festival was such an uplifting experience, the music and workshops so eclectic and everybody so inclusive and respectful of everybody else....well,as Dennis Denuto articulately puts it in the movie "The Castle".....'it's the vibe'!

We were there for 2 days and nights only, but they were full-on.Most people camp at the venue, and here are Ian, Heather and Rob having breakfast.

Highlights for me......Taikoz (pictured below), Archie Roach and Rita Hunter,Totally Gourdgeous, the Indian Music Emporium, the Serbian dance workshop(above) and Hugh MacDonald singing "Diamantina Drover", with John Schumann and his band.

And , yes, we plan to be back this December and hopefully pull a few more friends in with us.

Above is the totally awesome Gourdgeous and below,the crowd going off at the Abba Singalong on New Year's Eve!


radiogirl said...

Looks like such FUN! I love festivals, and I love camping, and I love music... perfect combination.

Marie said...

What a nice report. I would have loved to be there. Next time maybe :-)

GMG said...

Wow! So glad to see you back posting!
It must have been a lot of fun at the Festival!
Enjoy the weekend!