Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Sydney,Sydney and Sydney!

I have just returned from my 3rd trip to Sydney in 5 weeks, and now look forward to NOT going again till at least September, for Fathers' Day. It's fantastic catching up with friends and family, and this is always the reason for my visits, BUT the crush of people generally,and the noise and pace of city life, is something I have left way,way behind.

The occasion of my 2nd visit was to celebrate my parents' 60th wedding anniversary. They were married at Arncliffe Methodist Church( now St Mark's Coptic Church) on 10th January,1948. The first picture shows the wedding party on that happy day, and the picture below shows the same wedding party on January 12th,2008. The only person missing from the photo is my dad's elder brother, Arthur, who died several years ago. We were so thrilled to have so many friends of Mum and Dad's able to come and celebrate with them.


Sally said...

What a great pair of photos. Do your parents still live in Arncliffe?

Yes, I'm back a work and busy busy again. Glad you liked the little "care package". My pleasure!

Marie said...

That's a very moving post. Long life to your parents!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to show this post also to my husband, we have been married next June 44 years :)
Many happy years more to them and warm greetings from Finland.
I returned a few days ago from the southern part of Finland. I was visiting all my children and grandchildren, after that I am very happy being at home with my reading husband and mostly sleeping Kiki dog.
I enjoy now doing handicrafts, reading and there it is so much organizing here in the house and photos in PC.
Have a good weekend!

Nathalie said...

60th anniversary!!!
OMG, we haven't reached half that yet!

All the best to your parents, glad you had a wonderful time together.

Sally said...

You are cordially invited to return to Sydney for a reconsideration of the Opera House and its place in people's thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Sixty years is a long time. Congratulations to them. Patty and I have been married 53 years in July. That is a long time too but time moves by very fast and we hardly noticed at all. Nice photography on your blog.