Tuesday, 19 February 2008

February Movie

Stuck for choice as I was today, having to fill in a couple of hours while my car was being serviced at the dealer's, I opted for "Dan In Real Life", which had received reasonable reviews from people I generally 'trust' with these things.

I'll cut a long whinge short and say for me, it was a waste of time and money. The movie poster above basically says it all... stupid, predictable and I really didn't care about the guy. OK, there were a couple of redeeming qualities to the movie, but, no, it left me cold.


Julie said...

This is one of the things that concern me about moving away from Sydney. I like to have a choice of films from a range of independents. There are three cinemas that I frequent that do not show popular block-busters. I know what you mean about trusting people's opinion about a film. I check what David & Margaret say and I check what Andrew & Louise say. And twice recently neither pairing agreed with ME! I am now going to add to that the opinion of Sandra and Paul from the SMH. Harumpf !!

Jules said...

I can't stand this actor - even his photo annoys me!!!

We don't have a movie theatre at all here - have to rely n DVDs.

Atonement is the one to see - the book was great and the movie (which I saw in Oz just recently) even better!!!!

Julie said...

Oh dear, I disliked Atonement. I felt cheated at the end, not having read the book. I thought the writer played a dastardly trick on his readers. I had then to reassess everything that the film told me in light of the revelation at the end and decided that I could not trust that anything had actually happened and it wasn't just a figment of her desperate need to atone. Harumpf! Harumpf!!

Sally said...

Hey Jude!

While recovering from a gallbladder op, I've been delving into the Internet and books of local history, and doing some updating of Postcode 2205....think you might some of it interesting, and you probably remember some of it, like Arncliffe Girls Home.

GMG said...

Thanks for the tip! Will try to avoid the figure...
Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, where I’m still strolling around the streets of Sofia.
Have a great week!

Nathalie said...

All right, but your car was being serviced - so what were the alternatives. A boring walk round the block?

Sally said...

Hi Jude

Just thought you might like to know I updated my Swimming Blog about Ramsgate Baths today - and I reckon you may recognise who I'm on about!