Saturday, 2 February 2008


When people see a movie at the cinema, I guess they have different criteria by which they judge whether they liked the movie or not, or whether it made some sort of impression on them.

For me, a 'good' movie keeps ticking away in my mind for days, revealing different aspects of itself. If I get back to the car, and I have to think....."now what did I just see??"...well, I've just pretty-well wasted a couple of hours.

'Juno' is still vibrating 5 days after seeing it...I laughed out loud at times but had a silent little weep too.

PS Last year I was decidedly 'shabby' about seeing a movie regularly.For 2008,I've made a bargain with myself to see one movie a month at least.Let's just see shall we?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting about the way we have gone native in our backyards. I did it for the wildlife more than anything and then the older I get the less I am able to do considering the health problems we have. Anyway. about your movie, Juno. I am like you. I can't even begin to remember the movies I have sat through up until I stopped going to them. Here, they are expensive and television offers the same movies if you have enough patience to set and wait a year or so on them to arrive. I don't mind the wait. I no longer attend football games because I was about frozen stiff at the last one years ago when our youngest was still in school. Thankfully those school days are over or I would be stiff by now.

Movies are like books. I read a lot but it takes me forever as reading will now put me to sleep. So at most I can only read three or four pages at a time. But I do read and only one or two books are good enough for me to remember much about them.

Thanks again for stopping.

mormar said...


Mme Benaut said...

Just catching up CabaC. Glad that you are back on deck and blogging again.
I meet with my girlfriends for dinner and a movie once a month. They are schoolfriends so it's important to us that we keep up the contact - as a change from our daily lives. Some of the movies are good - some I could (and have) forgotten about already.
I just read 4 novels - a quartet - and enjoyed just the peace and quiet of reading in the heat of the day or the silence of the night - usually with a cat on my lap - they all seem to compete to see which one can get there first!

radiogirl said...

I know I'm really late here, but I finally saw Juno and loved it.