Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Current Work

Currently , I'm working on a set of 12 ATCs for a swap on a favourite flower, quite a daunting prospect really. Even though the 'canvas' might only be 8.9 cm X 6.4 cm, a lot of work goes into that small space, and in fact I've found it challenging to reduce the scale of my work so that it fits comfortably. Each ATC doesn't have to be identical, and mine never are, though they are pretty similar. Choosing the media to use is an interesting process too...this time I'm using watercolours, but some are done with watercolour paints, others, watercolour pencils or watercolour pastels, or a combination of them. Each one is a miniature painting of Eucalyptus miniata, the Darwin Woollybutt that I saw growing around the Tjaynera campsite in Litchfield NP, Northern Territory, in 2003. Actually getting the background right has been the trickiest....it needs to contribute to the picture, but not dominate.


Helen said...

Your current work sounds fascinating and I'm looking forward to seeing it on-line when finished.

Sally said...

Ummmm - I'm an ATC fanatic. Mine can be seen here:


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I don't know what ATC stands for but I loved your whole BLOG. Lynne