Friday, 30 March 2007

Daily Photo

Two days ago, I stumbled on the blog of someone living in Arncliffe, the Sydney suburb I grew up in. It was amazing to look at her collection of photos of the suburb now...I was surprised by the memories that were dredged up. Her blog is part of a world-wide network of blogs, called Daily Photo, and I am thinking I might join in. You have to commit to posting one photo a day, and that's it. Before committing to it, I thought I'd give it a trial run here to see how fair-dinkum I am about this. It also gets you thinking just how many 'interesting" things there are to photograph in our sleepy little Tweed coast village...but then, it doesn't have to be anything gob-smackingly major or important or picturesque. So... my first Daily Cabarita Beach/Bogangar Photo. It's one of the beach access tracks, to the Cove beach.


Sally said...

Hi caba - I'd be really flattered to be linked.

You might like to check out my NON daily blog : Postcode 2205.

I add to it whenever I can, but am thinking of doing a "City of Rockdale Daily Photo" if I think I can cope with it!

alice said...

Welcome to your new Daily Photo Blog!

Gerald England said...

nice to find you on your beach!