Friday, 1 June 2007

Out Of My Bedroom Window

This idea came from Sally's blog, Sydney Nearly Daily Photo, over there--->, in my Checking Daily list. If you go to her blog, she has oodles of links to views from other people's bedroom windows.
Casper Domingo, the cat in the photo, had actually just caught a mouse, and was doing what cats do with mice. My other cat, Whisper Gorgeous Face, is out of the photo, but she is trailing around, trying to get in on the action. Hmm....what was that?? Oh no, that's not their pedigee breeder-type names!


Sally said...

Ah, peekaboo cat!

Walters St, caba.

GMG said...

Back to blog visiting (weekend treat), enjoyed to see the enlarged form of your bedroom view photo. Beautiful, though I'm not a cat's expert... :))

RamblingRound said...

Hey, beautiful cat and tree as well. What kind of tree is it?
Thank you for visiting my blog over on the City Daily Photo.