Sunday, 17 June 2007

What bird is that??

This bird, a pheasant coucal, has visited my front yard for the last 3 days. A big bird, about 40cms from beak tip to tail tip, they are terrible flyers. They seem to blunder from tree to tree, and are easily hit by cars if they venture onto the road. Their call is very unusual....a kind of eerily resonant " boop, booop, boop," in rather deep tones, like a bass clarinet.


Beetle said...

I have never seen this beautiful one before and never successful till now to shot (not with gun) the birds that often visit my backyard :o) I must say you're lucky!

Thank you for visited my town

Michelle aka Boo Book said...

Jude I'm just lovin your blog!
Those birds are fantastic. I get really excited when I see the local blue fairy wrens around our area. We also have a big old boof of a bird that lopes around from tree to tree, I think it is a black Currawong.
Guess what cd I gave my mum for Xmas, Sarah Blasko What The Sea wants.....Have you ever listened to the soundtrack from "Nell", not that it is like Sarah Blasko but I reckon you would like it. Might have to see if I can send you a *couph copy couph*. Have just spenty $50 at on a Satsuma Plum, Black Kangaroo Paw and some other green goodies and told my son I have a little job for him tomorrow.
Keep up the great bloggin!