Monday, 16 July 2007

Beach Glass

Sometimes known as sea glass, beach glass collecting has been a past-time of mine for about 12 years. Beach glass is a shard of glass that has been naturally tumbled by the action of the waves, rolling the glass against the sand or rocks. When they are wet, and in the early morning or late afternoon sun, they really do resemble jewels. At the moment , I don't do anything with them, apart from have dishes and bowls of beach glass around my place.
However, a whole new world has been opened up to me by a chance visit to a fellow Blogger's site. HA....but you'll have to wait! I took both of these photos down on Caba beach a year or so ago.


Marie said...

Wow, the first photo looks like an abstract painting. Very nice.......

Jules said...

Hi - it's your fellow sea-glass enthusiast here.
Adore the photos - they do just look like gems washed up on the beach. Am looking forward to your future ones.
You have inspired me to take more photos of mine!!

PS - Check my post today for another of the things I collect.

radiogirl said...

Delicious looking... like candy... toffee and then lime.

Hele said...

I'll have to look more carefully as usually the only glass I see is sharp and nasty. I either pick them up and put them in my doggy plastic bag, which can be dangerous as I've already been injured by doing this, or turn them over so my dog won't tread on them.

Lisl Armstrong said...


I would like to invite you to join a social networking site for sea glass enthusiasts this site is interesting to anyone who loves to beachcomb or loves the sea:

Hope to see you there!

Lisl Armstrong said...

Hi to fellow surfers and sea glass fans Down Under from Washington USA. We are temporarily transplanted from the Tropics - Central and South America, but have some great beaches for sea glass near here!

David and Lin About Us

Louise said...

So, what is it that you're now doing with your sea glass?
We get beach glass here, inland in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Because it's tumbled by loads of small rocks it's really nicely shaped and frosted.
A friend takes an old window frame, lays new pane glass and glazing in, then uses clear acrylic tub sealer to attach the sea glass. She uses only the white (formerly clear) glass and arranges them in interesting swirls and such. It's way more beautiful and intriguing than it sounds and I thought it sounded beautiful. The odder shaped the pieces the better.
I just saw a small wreath made of beach glass, glued to a wire base covered with aqua colored ribber. Nice sun catcher.
Do you have other ideas to share?

Louise said...

BTW, she hangs the window in a window to catch the light.
The wreath had ribbon underneath the glued on glass...typos...!

Linda J said...

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