Sunday, 8 July 2007

Visitors are gone, but the cold is back...seems to be the same with others... this cold-lurgy-thing won't go away!

However, after much agonising, I have decided that my blog will no longer be a (nearly) daily one. I suppose I was feeling a bit of pressure in trying to post something worthwhile each day, and that realisation didn't sit comfortably at all.

So...what now? One Rule Is No Rule will be occasional posts from now on... once or twice a week, maybe more frequently. Who knows?? Thanks to those of you who had read the blog daily, or taken the time to leave messages, and I hope you'll all come back now and then.

By the way, that's the beautifully fragrant wattle in my front yard, bursting into flower, above.

1 comment:

Helen said...

Leaving the pressure behind sounds like a great idea. Less frequent posts will make us all the more excited when there is one waiting when we pop in to look. Hope you're feeling better by now. You might need a night away at a B&B and a cuddle with a baby alpaca!