Thursday, 12 July 2007

A Beautiful Hand-made Gift

This beautiful hand-made quilt was a birthday present from my sister, Rob. It sits on the back of my favourite lounge-chair, and the subject is one that's close to heart...cats! It measures 70cm by 55 cm. Here are close-ups of 2 panels.

Thank you again Rob....I really appreciate how much of your very precious time you put into it.


GMG said...

Agreed: beautiful hand made, though it could have a different subject... ;)

Mandy said...

This brings a smile to my face this dull Thursday morning

Nathalie said...

Rob is so incredibly talented, I'm really impressed!
This is an object to cherish over the years. Sisters are nice aren't they (I have three)

Helen said...

Where do you and your sister get your incredible talents? I love the quilt and the cats.