Friday, 17 August 2007

Bundaberg Pubs No. 3

For the time being,this is my last Bundy pub, and in the same "grand" style as the previous two. Not all pubs in Bundy are in this style and later on, I'll post others that are very different.

But this, the appropriately-named Grand Hotel, is on the corner of Bourbong and Targo Streets. It was begun in 1884 and opened in 1885., although work on the building continued again in 1893.

These two photos (above and below) , from "The Queenslander", were taken in 1907. The photo below shows the dining room, set for dinner.

An article on the Grand Hotel, written in 1894, describes it as being one of the finest in the land.

"think of the joy of a dolce far niente on a verandah over 12 feet wide, and of the sweetness of slumber in rooms where the minor details of comfort are studied - as they should be. In all things the comfort of the guest is the first consideration."

[Queenslander, 23/6/1894]

This information came from the Queensland State Library.

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Jules said...

I had lunch here one day that turned into dinner. Oh the memories of being young!!!!