Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Wild Weather

Jamaica and Mexico are having Hurricane Dean pass through, but this nameless intense low pressure system is causing havoc on the NSW north coast. Gale force winds and heavy rain have made it a good day to be inside!This is the view out my front window, as the palms copped a battering.The seas are pretty huge apparently, but I haven't ventured out.However, you can easily hear the roaring of the ocean above the wind.


Jules said...

Great day to stay inside and get spaked hey???

Looks wilder than wild out there. I just hope it brings rain to SE Qld - Brisbane is home now and it is as dry as a chip.

Stay dry!!! Cheers

Catherine said...

Wow! That is some wind!! However, I still envy you being able to look out your window and see palm trees, and hear the Ocean~how wonderful!! A few more wk.s and I hope to be hearing the Ocean atleast! We go to Hatteras Island every yr. in Sept.~~ so looking forward to it!! Stay indoors, visit with all your blogging friends today!! Send some rain my way..:)

Helen said...

We're having rain and some wind in Sydney too, but not as bad as you're experiencing. Had a wonderful wet and foggy Sunday in the Blue Mountains last weekend!