Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Recent work

I thought it was time to upload a selection of what I've made lately, and to have a little break from the Bundy photos. These are all Artist Trading Cards , known as ATCs, which you make and then swap with people from all over the world. It is HIGHLY addictive, believe me!

The two above were for swaps in the ATCoZ group, a penguin swap and Famous People. Of the next two, the first one was made for the My Corner of the World swap.

As in all areas of creative work, for the work to be 'authentic', the creator needs to invest something of themselves in the piece. In ATCs, as in most crafts and styles of art, there are fashions, styles and fads, and these are very hard to avoid, as the influences are everywhere. However, for me, there is absolutely no satisfaction or release in the creation of the work , if I haven't invested something of my own heart and mind.

The next two were also done as part of swaps, the first was an In Love swap and the second was an international money swap ATCoZ players did with artists from the Netherlands.

The last two were experiments with backgrounds. In the case of swaps, multiple cards need to be made, mostly three, but sometimes nine, and once, I had to make 12 cards! They are supposed to be roughly identical, but it is something I struggle with, as the creation of multiples doesn't sit comfortably with me at all. I really like to make one-offs, though I guess I find a compromise with doing variations on a theme.


GMG said...

Great job! And great pictures also!

Neva said...

OMG! HOw fantastic is this? What a wonderful artist you are! I can imitate not create. just wonderful.Doesn't this take a lot of time?

NorthBayPhoto said...

Very creative! Great photos.

Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog.

Jules said...

I have obviously been in PNG too long - I have never heard of this except on other people's blogs.

Your work is really stunning Cabacurl - a true artist!!!!

Cuckoo said...

Never heard of such things before. It looks so stunning and creative. Can we have more of it please.. specially how to go about it ? In some details please.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Keep visiting.

Helen said...

I love your new ATCs and admire your creativity so much. I also think the variations on a theme is a wonderful idea.

petra said...

hoi judy
you have great photos and great atc's and thank jou voor your email from the money swap from host rixta ill hope once more with you to rule