Saturday, 15 September 2007

New ATCs

Today, a bit of show and tell about some recent work I've been doing with Artist Trading Cards, and in particular,different techniques for backgrounds.

Above, are cards I made for an insect swap. I just love dragonflies, and believe they are my totem. Below are the cards made for a Dream swap I'm hosting. Amazingly, they are nothing like my original idea, and I'm not quite sure where that idea disappeared to. The original thought was characteristically dark and obscure, so the final result couldn't be more different.

These last two were done using a technique from the fabulous book by Bernie Berlin, "Artist Trading Card Workshop". 'Confronting ' is something I think I strive for in my work.

I'll be away for a few days.....I'm heading up to Tewantin, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, to spend four days with my two special friends from our exchange year in London, wa-ay back in 1985.


Lavenderlady said...

I love artist trad cards. there was a speciaal exhibit at Paducah this year and also at Sisters. The creativity is so wonderful.

NorthBayPhoto said...

Lovely art work for both the trading cards and the jewelry from the previous day's post.

Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog.

Denton said...

Very artistic ... thank you for your birthday wishes on my blog.

Neva said...

I love this! You are very creative!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is very nice work from you...simply lovely and very artistic!
Really Creative!

Helen said...

I just love your ATCs and will make sure my cousin sees your beautiful dragonflies as they're her totem as well.

Anonymous said...

You are doing really wonderful art pieces!
I can see, you enjoy doing that beauty !

Have a nice time over there!

Lynette said...

Every so often I hear bits about artist trading card swaps here in Portland. Is it loads of fun?

Sally said...

How exciting. Backgrounds is something I keep having to work at with my cards - learning new techniques is so exciting!

I've posted a new album on Webshots of some of my favourite cards (out of hundreds) which I have received in swaps.

Have a look here:

Favourite ATCs Received