Friday, 14 September 2007

Recent Jewellery


It's been a while since I've had a show and tell with some of my recent creative output. So, I'll devote the next few posts to both jewellery and ATCs, and then I thought I might take you on a brief zip around northern Australia, aka the Top End. We'll visit some of my favourite places from 2003.

But for now...of course, I had to lead off with a charm bracelet...I just LOVE them! Below is a necklace made with moonstone, and three red-pink coloured gemstones( the names escape me, but one of them is probably rose quartz)

And finally, a necklace and earrings made from rose quartz and polished onyx.

Now , a plea for help! I would be grateful for anyone who can explain to me , in words of one syllable or less, how to post larger images on my blog. Thanks in advance.


Steve Buser said...

My first time on your site. Great handiwork.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Helen said...

The colours in your latest jewellery are beautiful. I love rose quartz, it's probably my favourite gemstone. I've collected 9 lovely, smooth rocks from a little beach near where I live. They're a very soft, greenish/grey colour and I found them all in the same area, when the tide was extremely low. Some of the tops were covered in moss.

Marie said...

Beautiful jewels, Cabacurl. I love the colors.

I dont know how to post bigger photos either....

GMG said...

Hi Cabacurl,
Thanks for your comment on my blog.
I survived the Greek fires. Actually I was in the Islands (Kos, Crete and Mykonos) where there were no fires; only the island of Evia was somehow affected. I’m glad to be back and catch up your posts!
Sorry, can't help with larger pictures, but some guys would certainly do as they post larger than Universe...
As I’m late, my posts at Blogtrotter are still in Bali 2005. Hope you enjoy it, anyhow!
Have a great weekend!

Barb's Corner said...

I did it!
I got my picture into the header. All I did was fiddle with the size of my picture (knowing I was looking for a rectangle) and hey presto! There it is.
If you need any more info, leave me a message.
BTW love your jewellery!
Barb C

Lavenderlady said...

I'd go to the forum ( for Daily city Photo and post a question there...not sure you will get one syllable answers, however. Your jewelry is lovely!

Neva said...

What beautiful jewelry! ..I am not a computer expert, but I find with Picasa, the pictures can be enlarged when you click on is a free service and I would recommend Picasa 2...maybe someone withmore knowledge will drop in!.....good luck!

Mme Benaut said...

Cabacurl - you are very clever, the jewellry is spectacular and I spy a dragonfly in the charm bracelet! This is also my first time visiting your site and can't imagine why on earth it took me so long! M.B has bookmarked your blog now so it will make it easier for me to look.
My mother lives at Alexandra Headland, my brother and his family live at Buderim and I know the Sunshine Coast well and also have friends who live at Sunshine Beach, Noosa and also others at Tewantin. Not planning a trip up just at the moment but we both love your neck of the woods so it won't be long before we get up there again.
Lovely blog CC.
xxx Mme