Saturday, 1 September 2007

Wattle Day

1st September is Wattle Day, the day on which we acknowledge the wattle tree which is Australia's floral emblem.Most Australian sporting teams are decked out in the green and gold of the wattle.Sadly, many people are allergic to wattles, which can bring on hay fever and other respiratory complaints. Happily for me, I'm not one of them, and have 4 in my garden. In case you missed it, there was another wattle pictured with Vivian, the cheeky beach babe featured in yesterday's posting!

The first of the four elements will appear in my next post.

And check this out, to see an awesome photo of this week's lunar eclipse.


Jules said...

Hi Dear - achoo - 'cuse me
Great photos - achoo - especially yesterdays - sniff - how cute!!!

Glad you - achoo - liked my post today - achoo - I was totally baffled what to do - sniff- for awhile and it took us - sniff - two trips there in the dark - achoo - to get it right
Ch - achoo - eers!!

Helen said...

My son's soccer team's uniform is green & gold and last night they won the Under 21 premiership 1 nil. Woohoo!!!!
I don't have any wattle in my garden, but see lots of it on my walks - it's beautiful.

RUTH said...

This isn't a tree I see here in the Uk and hadn't realised that the green and gold colours of Australian sports teams I see around the web realted to Wattle. A really interesting blog you have and some great photos. Thanks for dropping by my photo blog. :o)

Quietpaths said...

Totally wild wattle! I've never heard nor seen one before now.