Friday, 7 September 2007

Vale Pavarotti

On last night's 7.30 Report, Kerry O'Brien replayed part of an interview he did with Pavarotti when he visited Australia for the last time, in 2005. O'Brien asked Pavarotti about his most- loved memories of his career. This was his reply:

"There is a phrase in Italy. We say, 'The first love you never forget,' so let's say that La Boheme is my first love. "

The photo above is of Pavarotti in the role of Rodolfo, in Puccini's 'La Boheme', in 1988.

Vale Pavarotti....thanks for the memories.


Helen said...

A wonderful talent and a great man lost to the world.

Neva said...

My sentiments exactly Helen...I have a nephew studying opera and he is a tenor...I know he is very sad today....

Anonymous said...

I think, we all are sad because of this loss. He was an extraordinary man.

We can listen his songs now and give thoughts for him.

Have a nice weekend!

Jules said...

The whole world is mourning this amazing man and his voice that made the angels weep. I guess he is up there now singing to them like never before. Their gain - our massive loss!!!!

Marie said...

He didn't have a very long life. But his life was very rich and he was loved by millions of people. In France lots of famous people died this summer, and some famous people from other countries like him died. Twice a week we heard of the death of a famous person. It was a hard summer. It is sad when people like him who bring so much happiness to people die. Life seems very hard at times.

Bravo for mentioning his death.