Monday, 24 September 2007 love it!

The things to love about Noosa?Because I am a water/bush/beach/river/boat type of person, the things I love about Noosa generally centre around the water and the national park. Perhaps that's also because it's slightly less crowded out on the water or walking in the national park.

Above, sitting on the little ferry that plies the Noosa River between Tewantin and Noosa is wonderfully relaxing. Below is the Noosa Sailing and Rowing Club which, from it's wide and completely open verandah, has great views up and down the river, and to the distant hills. It is a stunning place to sit with a glass of bubbles and good company, and solve the world's problems.

Noosa National Park is the perfect cure for the crass, extravagant side of Noosa. The walking tracks goes all the way round the coast to the beach at Perigian, and also explores the hills and more forested areas. A few years ago, I walked straight past a tree here where a koala was sleeping! Thank goodness my walking companion was more alert!Below, a lone surfer paddles round the point. The water was not as clear as usual due to recent very heavy rain.

This photo shows some of the typical coastal vegetation of pandanus, cotton trees, palms and eucalypts, and looks towards Cooloola national Park.


Helen said...

No wonder my friends love living up there, it looks wonderful! I'll be up there myself next February for my friend's birthday.

Lynette said...

You three must be thoroughly enjoying yourselves. CaBaCuRl, I'll be listening for that long-distance greeting! Thanks!

M.Benaut said...

Bonjour Cababcurl,

I must thank you for your proper and correct comments on my blog. Australian women set the pace for those who live away from here.
They epitomize the Aussie spirit, they are multi-dexterous, they bring joy to our hearts and have a spirit of freedom and adventure rarely found in such abundance anywhere else.
If they enjoy walking from Coolum to Alexandra Beach or boating around that brilliant river estuary that leads back to Tewantin, then they know the definition of perfection.
There is a lot of that in Australia, but it's generally made so much better when accompanied by an Aussie girl, (and perhaps one or two Eumundis !!)
Thank you for this wonderful set of shots of this place. The east coast simply rules.

Denton said...

Your water photos are very nice. My favorite is the third one down.

Hyde DP said...

I defintely prefer the water to beach.

NorthBayPhoto said...

Great series of photos. Very beautiful area.

Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog. As for both hockey & lacrosse, I used to play a long, long time ago but don't any longer (but I still enjoy the games!)

Lynette said...

With my hand cupped at my ear, I heard you just fine. Thanks!

Clueless in boston said...

Nice series of shots. Noosa looks beautiful. I like both the beach and the water shots.

Anonymous said...

Your type of person sounds like me, but you could append still sunset/rise in it :)
and thank you for your visits my blog, I have been happy about them.

I spend a last "summerday" yesterday, when I was hiking on the hill and after that I swam in our summer place`s lake - water was 10 degrees Celsius ( 50 F ), but sun was shining so nicely :)

Old friendships are worth taking care !
Happy days to you!

Jules said...

Guess who??? It's me in Vietnam - am waiting in the lobby for the bus and found a computer with broad band!!!
Sorry I missed you in Bris but I will be back on Oct 8 so will ring you.
Must rush. Thanks for visiting while I have been away!!!

Jules xx

radiogirl said...

I think I would like it there, too.