Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Copying Beethoven

On Friday ,one of my regular radio stations, ABC CLassic FM, was giving away free tickets to previews of the new movie "Copying Beethoven", in cinemas in the main cities. Last night, Paul and I went to the Gold Coast preview, at the Gold Coast Arts Centre. ( and no, that's not an oxymoron!)
For me, the movie was in two parts. I honestly thought the first part was, well, stupid. Harsh word I know, but it was trying too hard to be 'the lowest common denominator'. I was actually squirming in my seat! In the second part, though, the movie seemed to decide what it wanted to be, it was not afraid to show some integrity, and for me, was far more engaging.
The music, of which there is nowhere near enough, is the real star, of course. As it deals with the end of Beethoven's life, the movie features the 9th symphony and his late string quartets.
Is "Copying Beethoven" still running round inside my mind? The story, not the music, I mean. Yes...I'm heading off to Wikipedia and Google to find out more about Anna Holtz, and am desperate to borrow the late string quartets from the library.

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Sally said...

Did you see david and Margaret's review of it? They had different concerns, but also a degree of ambivalence.