Wednesday, 18 April 2007

A week of sunrise - No. 1 Cabarita Beach

Are you are lark or an owl? What ever you are, there's not a great deal you can do to change your orientation. I'm a lark....come sunrise I'm awake and ready to go, BUT I'm looking for my bed at an embarrassingly early hour of the night. When I was a student, my most intense and successful work was done early in the morning.
Is that why, I wonder, I am attracted to sunrise so much more than sunset? Looking back through 35 years of photos and slides, sunrises outnumber sunsets threefold. Maybe it is the promise of the new day, the chance to start afresh, the opportunity to head off a new track....whatever it is, I am drawn to sunrise. I'll forage around and find some that, for some reason, attract me more than others to post over the next week.
Today's photo is one I took off the headland here, at Cabarita Beach, in 2005.


Anonymous said...

Midnight... again... ok, I'm an owl. Love your blog. Kev Carmody available at

CaBaCuRl said...

Thanks for visiting,Priscilla. Can't wait to see your blog.Love your name too.

Boo Book said...

Definately an Owl!
Boo Book /\ Boo Book /\ Mo Poke /Mo Poke..........

It's sunsets for me, well actually more around midnight - just as the coffee tv add says something like....night time brings mystery and the unknown. But hey the Magic Hour at sunrise or set is something to behold eachway.