Saturday, 28 April 2007

I did say that unless I thought there was something worthwhile/provocative/thoughtful to write about, I wouldn't write anything. ( No, I didn't use those words exactly, but you get my drift). However, that doesn't excuse my not even putting a new photo up.Why, then, has the initial interest in blogging started to wane, after a month? The accepted thinking is that if a blogger makes it to the 3 month anniversary, they have overcome a substantial hurdle, and things are looking pretty good. However, there is no kind of qualitative measure in that, and haven't we all read blog posts that seem to fill a space and not offer anything more.

So-o, why have I started to stumble already on the blogging path? The answer, my friends, is the ticking of the clock and the ridiculous amount of time used up in posting even a mildly thoughtful piece of writing. I am having a bit of a bother in justifying that use of my time, when there are many other interests lying under-explored or GASP...ignored. That doesn't even hint at the more mundane affairs of daily life that are being thoroughly neglected.

Aah..but here's the thing...I am enjoying the intellectual discipline of writing...of considering and reconsidering words and phrases...of editing the writing. Actually, I love it, so there's the dilemma.


Diva said...

I am looking forward to your next post, so now you can't give up!

Lynne said...

Love your page & don't give up.
The ability to write well is a talent & you've got it.

GMG said...

Come on, we're looking forward to reading next...

Anonymous said...

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