Sunday, 15 April 2007

Saturday's fun!

( part of the "crowd" watching Breakers v University rugby game )

It is such a gorgeous autumn day outside...warm and sunny...the ocean calls, but my responsibilities lie elsewhere. It needs to be a Catch-up Day.
Strange as it is, I love both doing and watching sport, though "old injuries" limit me a bit these days BUT I do love my footy,no matter if it's Rugby League, Rugby Union or Aussie Rules. AND I think I am one of the 23 Aussies who don't have an interest in soccer since the World Cup....honestly , the game just doesn't interest me at all.
Paul ( yes, he of the launching-the-tinny photo) is a member of the local Gold Coast Breakers Rugby Union club, and yesterday( Saturday) was a home game at Albert Park, Broadbeach, against University. Just like today, it was a really beautiful afternoon, and standing on the little grassy hill, with the late afternoon sun on your back, and a cold Bundy and Coke inhand, heaping abuse on the really was a fun arvo. The photo below shows a lot of pushing and shoving going on in a scrum. You'll be thrilled to know Breakers won 22-20.

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