Thursday, 5 April 2007

New Skills or Knowledge

Something I value very highly is learning new skills. My list of new things I'd like to learn, or new skills I'd like to acquire, grows longer every day, which in my opinion is very exciting. There is no way then to say I was bored and had nothing much to do!! Here , on the Tweed coast, we have a wonderful organisation called U3A or University of the 3rd Age. It's part of a world-wide U3A and is dedicated to continuing education, mainly among retired people...I think you have to be 40 or over. The tutors are mostly volunteers ,you pay a yearly joining fee and well, that's about it. I haven't joined up yet, but thought I might just suss it out this term before signing on. Courses include tap-dancing, Australian history, tai chee, Italian, readers group, painting, singing and beach-walking.

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