Sunday, 15 April 2007


Alan Moir's cartoons in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper are always pithy and candid, and , more often than not, I agree with his point of view. This appeared in last weekend's SMH and it perfectly catches the disappointment I feel towards Peter Garrett. The charismatic former lead singer of the now-defunct band Midnight Oil was always an outspoken critic of nuclear energy, detention centres, many goverment policies such as those concerning Aboriginal people , diverse environmental issues, and particularly the issue of US bases on Australian soil. Think of some of the songs of the Oils..."US Forces", "Power and Passion", "Beds Are Burning".
This cartoon of Moir's superbly captures the shared diasappointment of PG's complete sell-out to Labor policy. I think it looks as if PG even is aware of it himself, and , while not shame-faced, is no longer the strutting, sweating speaker of truth he once was. Shame, Peter Garrett, shame.


Sally said...

An interestingphenomenon I have observed, totally unscientifically....many men seem to get more conservative as they get oldr, and lots of women get less so - as if beoming 'middle aged' lets them off the to say "Who cares!"

Oh, and I am really lookign forward to hearing your Wolli Creek stories!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't know the person or the parties, because here where I live, "news" itself is driven by the Whine House and the gang it supports. And, I might add, we do not have "news" on weekends. It is only made Monday through Friday. Everyone, including mobsters, understands you get no credit for crime done on weekends in this country so they wait until Monday to begin.

However, I do like the cartoon as a character drawing.

I also came to thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting there. Thanks.

Boo Book said...

So so true on conservative men and spirited crones!

Yes Peter Garrett has really jumped ship too early, imagine the messages he/Midnight Oil could have delivered to our next generation of "to be decision makers" who in todays world are music and communication savvy.

A good song always sticks in your head, political retoric goes in one ear and out the other quicker than you can say Boo!