Friday, 13 April 2007

Exploring the Brunswick River

Sorry, but the beautiful Brunswick River called yesterday. My friend Paul and I put his tinny in the Brunswick River down at, well, Brunswick Heads (!!), and the plan was to travel upstream as far as we could comfortably navigate. He'd had a 4HP Mercury outboard motor in his wardrobe for ages ( as you do ) , so he swapped motors, I made sandwiches and he brought the drinks.
After you carefully wend your way between the structures for the new bridge going in, the river settles down to a beautiful slow bush river. You go past oyster beds and crab pots, plus a few isolated camp sites, and then past fairly thick bush alive with heaps of birds, including Azure Kingfishers flashing their brilliant blue as they skim and dip across the water's surface.
We were able to fairly easily cruise up to Mullumbimby, where we pulled into the boat ramp and had a quick walk across the Federation Bridge, but although we could perhaps have gone further, time was against us, as was the tide. The river was certainly quite low and soupy at Mullum, and there were also increasing numbers of snags in the water too, so I don't know how much further we could have gone.

Paul launching the tinny at Brunswick Heads.

Mt Chincogan from the Brunswick River.

The old Federation Bridge at Mullumbimby. ( Top picture - pelicans enjoying the late afternoon sun at the launching ramp.)


Sally said...

Lovely! What do you thinkabout the plan to take water from northern NSW rivers to Qld?

I have a few thoughts! (not surprising!!!)

1. Qld could show its bonafides by stopping building ridiculous water-consuming sprawl in the SE and start insisting on recycling in development areas.
2. The govt could stop the rapaciousness of outfits like Cubbie Station.

Not that NSW is blameless in these matters, and it doesn't matter if it's "NSW water" or not, it's just the attitude of "well, used it up here, let's move on and plunder somewhere else..."

We've gotta get smarter and more serious about all this stuff.

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