Monday, 2 April 2007


Rats and blast!! Thanks for letting me sound off! I just can't seem to get the Daily Photo blog functioning the way it's meant to be, so...ok...who cares.....let's ditch it for now, and bring the daily photo back here. Today's photo, the top one, is of a group of runners heading off to run up the steps leading up the headland and out to the point ( a great place to watch the Humpback whales' migration). The 2nd photo was yesterday's and there's a couple of guys heading out for an early morning surf.
There's been a tsunami warning posted this morning for almost the entire Australian east coast, from Cooktown down to Tasmania, after an earthquake in the Soloman Is . At the moment the warning is still in place, but the Bureau of Meteorology is now tentatively saying it appears the threat has passed. People are still warned to stay off beaches and not to go out to sea in boats. Robin and I have changed our morning beach walk to walking up and down the headland steps, just in case.

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