Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Today is Sally's 22nd birthday...hope it's a really happy one for you, darlin'. Sal is my sister's 2nd child, my 2nd niece, and has always been known as Sunshine Sally as she was such a happy, placid baby. These days, Sally lives at Hervey Bay, in Queensland, and works in a child care centre. She was born the year I lived and worked in London, and I still clearly remember being rung up and told of our Sally's safe arrival.She was all of 9 months old before I met her for the first time, and she's been an important person in my life ever since. Happy birthday, Sally!


LeeLee G said...

Hey Judy,
I didn't know you were overseas when Sal was born, or perhaps I forgot...Broc and I just went out for Sal's Birthday dinner at an Italian restaurant it was just lovely. What a cool blog you have here, very impressed.

CaBaCuRl said...

Thanks Leelee...hope you had a good night out. Yes, 1985 was the year i was in London on the teaching exchange....a great year all round!! Love Judy