Monday, 23 April 2007

Sunrise No. 5 - Jingarra, Sandy Hollow

Now this IS one of my favourite places in space....Jingarra, otherwise known as The Farm, near Sandy Hollow, in the Hunter Valley of NSW. In one of my posts at Easter, I put up a picture of the house. My connection with this place goes back 25 years or more, when there was just the old blue caravan, the bush shower and the dunny in the up-turned water tank, with the best views in the valley! The land was bought by bro-in-law's family can't-remember-when, with the object of building a bush retreat. Over the years, the beautiful stone house was built by the family over weekends, holidays and the birth of 5 babies who are all now young adults. It's certainly evolved over time and there are many many warm and happy memories linked to special times spent at Jingarra. These memories also provide markers for the passage of time through my own life.

The top photo shows a very foggy, sombre dawn, looking off into a valley. However, not too long after, the sun had burned off the fog, and the same valley was awash with pure, clear sunlight.


Helen said...

This looks like a place I could fall in love with too. You're very priviledged to have spent so much time there.

CaBaCuRl said...

Yes, you are SO-O right there, Helen, I adore this place, and honestly do feel very privileged to have been able to spend so much time there over the last 25 many powerful memories as well.Thanks for visiting and also for your thoughtful comments.